QuietCool Smart Attic Fan Control Replacement

Attic fans are one of the best ways to keep your attic cool and ventilated all year around! During the summer, an attic can be 40° to 50° hotter than the outside temperature, which in turn heats up the house very quickly. With an attic fan, you can cool the attic to the same temperature as it is outside, greatly reducing the house from heating as quickly.

If you already have an attic fan in your attic and you don’t want to upgrade to a new one, simply purchase the QuietCool Smart Attic Fan Control to take your attic ventilation to the next level!

With the innovative Smart Attic Fan Control, gone are the days of climbing into your attic to adjust your attic fan thermostat. Now you can adjust all parameters for your attic fan from your phone. The control also has a Smart Mode that will automatically change speeds based on the conditions in your attic. The Smart Control also features a humidity adjustment for precise humidity control in your attic.

  • NOT COMPATIBLE with Whole House Fans


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