About QuietCool


We have simple yet important core values that have influenced every decision we have made throughout our extensive history. Our belief in integrity, diligence, and innovation has allowed us to pursue our vision of eco-friendly whole-home cooling throughout the country. We hold nothing in higher regard than improving lives through saving energy, money, and comfort. This is why QuietCool is not just our company but our mission to deliver comfort without sacrificing the environment or your hard-earned money.

Core Values


Integrity is our first core value because our morals and ethics are incredibly important to us. We believe integrity is the key to having quality relationships.
Diligence is embedded in all of our employees. Diligence is the act of putting in the right amount of time, in the right way, for the right purpose, with the right standards. This produces the right result, every single time.
Innovation is a standard that is set in our company. Our company was founded on innovation and we vowed long ago to never stop innovating. We believe in innovative people, systems, products, and services to achieve the best possible result. Our promise to innovate has allowed us to create the most eco-friendly home product in the world.