AFR SMT Series

Unmatched Design for Superior Performance:
The AFR fan, designed with precision in the USA, features a seamless one-piece stamped steel hood that enhances durability and ensures optimal airflow in the attic. With high-performance fan blades, the AFR line maximizes efficiency and ventilation.

Wildlife Protection and Durable Housing:
The AFR's housing has a one-piece perforated cylindrical design with an integrated wildlife guard, preventing insects and wildlife from accessing the attic while providing improved ventilation capability. The high-quality polyester paint coating protects against harsh weather conditions.

The AFR line offers two motor options. The PRO models have efficient two-speed motors that maintain peak performance across the speeds. The ES model is equipped with a three speed brushless ECM (Electronically Commutated Motor), reducing energy consumption by up to 70% at lower speeds without compromising performance.

Customizable Control for Personalized Comfort:
The innovative Smart Control option allows monitoring of attic temperature and humidity levels, manual fan operation, smart mode for automatic cooling and ventilation, and customized settings through the QuietCool Smart Control app.

Intelligent Temperature Management:
Smart Control models have built-in temperature settings that increase fan speed as temperatures rise, ensuring optimal performance without constant adjustments. Pre-set options for Summer, Winter, and Humid climates optimize cooling and ventilation.

Prioritizing Safety with Advanced Features
The AFR line includes advanced safety features, such as a built-in fire safety shut-off fuse that activates at high attic temperatures, preventing the spread of flames and enhancing safety.

Versatile Installation Options for Any Roof Type
The AFR line offers interchangeable flashings for easy installation on various roof types, including shingle, cement tile, S-tile, M-tile, flat, or curb mounting on low-pitch roofs. Interchangeable flashings sold separately.

Hassle-Free Installation with Convenient Features
Installing the AFR line is straightforward, thanks to its installation-friendly design and features like a 20-foot power cord, eliminating the need for additional extension cords or complicated wiring.

Enhanced Comfort and Convenience
Upgrade to the AFR line for improved airflow, efficiency, and easy installation. Say goodbye to discomfort and excessive energy consumption, and enjoy a new level of comfort in your home.

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